Observation of fertility signals

Important Information: At minute 2:48 in our film it mistakenly says that the temperature is measured to the nearest 1/10°C, while it has to say to the nearest half 1/10°C.


Definition of the fertile window

For the safe and reliable application of Sensiplan, it is essential to observe and record typical physical changes during the course of the female cycle. This film explains step by step what, when and how to make observations and enter them in the cycle sheet.

The observation and evaluation of the changes in cervical mucus, basal body temperature and the cervix and perceiving other signs, such as mid-cycle pain and breast symptom are of key importance. While cervical mucus, basal body temperature and cervix are used for the systematic evaluation based on the rules, other signs support the method and empower women to be more aware of their bodies.

All observations are entered in the cycle sheet and evaluated. The cycle sheet is like a personal diary, where as well as keeping a record of signs associated with fertility, other factors are also recorded that could affect the observation and interpretation.